The Wurkwel Ventures CSR program is a platform for fostering our philanthropic activities and for cultivating Smart Partnerships with individuals, businesses, vendors, associations, and alliances who are similarly committed to making a difference in five key social sectors:

Responsible Planning

As an interiors industry leader, Wurkwel Ventures is dedicated to the idea of Responsible Planning, which promotes budget conscious design solutions, products that support environmental sustainability, and services that help companies optimize workplace capacity and contribute to workforce well-being.

Environmental Stewardship

Our companies embrace best practices in sustainability, modeling eco-efficiency within our company work environments and through design and facility services that feature eco-friendly product lines. Office Furniture Center is a division of Wurkwel Ventures and its 250,000 sq. ft. showroom is the Midwest’s largest resource for upcycled and refurbished premium office furniture acquired through decommissioning services. Wurkwel Ventures diverts more than 300 tons of material from landfills annually, while providing sustainable solutions to eco-conscious business partners.

Support For Veterans

Our founder is the son of a distinguished veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars and a recipient of two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars. In honor of the service and sacrifice every service member gives, Wurkwel is committed to employing veterans and supporting disabled veterans.

Workforce Diversity & Economic Development

We are an inclusive company that champions diversity and equity, both in our own workforce and in the surrounding community where we strive to improve economic development through employment opportunities and by offering resources that lend financial-relief to start-up companies or nonprofits.

Charitable Giving

Wurkwel Ventures has made charitable giving a core part of its corporate culture. Our philanthropic efforts support many important community organizations. In the past 12 months, we have donated to the following organizations:

Creating a Better Tomorrow

As a part of our annual Corporate Social Responsibility program, Wurkwel Ventures selects one non-profit or charitable organization in our community and outfits them with an upgraded office furniture. We believe in creating a better workplace for today’s workers, regardless of budget, through environmental consciousness and sustainable practices. This giveaway is our way of helping those that could use a little help in creating an attractive and functional workspace for their employees.  Learn more about our past Creating a Better Tomorrow grants here.

Smart Partnerships

Smart Partnerships is Wurkwel’s program for growing our network of individuals, businesses, vendors, associations and alliances who are committed to social responsibility and advocate for transformative outcomes in design/build sectors, sustainability initiatives, and opportunities for veterans.

Is your organization interested learning more about Smart Partnerships? Call 312.698.4448 or fill out the form below and a business representative will respond.