About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2004, Wurkwel Ventures, LLC includes a portfolio of business service organizations that focus on the needs of corporate tenants in transition. Wurkwel consists of a variety of successful businesses that focus on new and used office furniture, relocation and facility services, decommissioning,  liquidation, and industry technology.​

Servicing clients nationwide, Wurkwel Ventures is a privately-held company headquartered in Chicago, IL with offices in the Chicago and Detroit metropolitan areas.

To create a better workplace for today’s workers, regardless of budget, through environmental consciousness and sustainable practices.

We are a diverse team of dedicated professionals that treat each other like family. We are committed to excellence with the balanced purpose of achieving results while having fun! We will reach greatness through an unwavering commitment to our customers, our community and our partners. One chair, one workspace, one project at a time.


Our team truly treats each other like family. We believe in our employees and are committed to creating a positive atmosphere where they can thrive. To describe our work culture, we use the word “Ohana,” which is a Hawaiian word meaning a wider family of relatives, friends and colleagues. At Rightsize the spirit of camaraderie goes far beyond most workplaces.


Sales and business development are contact sports, and the creation and maintenance of professional networks are essential to our success. Effective brand ambassadorship is crucial to winning the networking game. So is working in partnership with business associations. Not all connections are for profit, though, as we take pride in giving back to the communities we serve with philanthropy.


To succeed as a business, we must provide the highest quality service to our customers. To accomplish our goals, each employee must be on a path toward mastery of their craft. This requires an unwavering commitment to excellence in our job performance. To help achieve that, we provide the tools, environment, culture and training programs to foster excellence.


Long-term success requires balance. We expect each employee to work hard but also play hard in the form of team building events and enjoying life outside the office. Together we will accomplish great things while having fun! Time management is essential to maintaining work-life balance and being as effective as possible every day.


We operate in a transparent manner, where we share our goals with our team members and ensure that our actions always reflect our values. Likewise, we expect our employees to be eager to learn new things as they strive for continuous improvement. We have a strong commitment to workplace diversity and we welcome people of all backgrounds to join our team.


Accountability to ourselves and each other is crucial for our success. Every member of the team must be in it to win it and ensure that their efforts reflect that on a consistent basis. In addition to holding ourselves accountable for our job performance and growth of the business, we are also obliged to do our part for Mother Earth. We take pride in using industry-leading sustainable practices.


Collaboration is one of the most important keys to success. We must work together as a team with each department and employee fulfilling their responsibilities in tandem. We all must work equally hard to move forward as one organization. To achieve this, effective communication with each other and our customers is crucial.


Wurkwel employees follow these six key tenets to perform at their very best each and every day.

  1. Growth Minded
  2. Data Driven Business Model
  3. Always Be Innovating
  4. Everyone Is in Business Development
  5. Take Action
  6. Be Bold

The Wurkwel Difference

Wurkwel successfully helps large companies, as well as startups, achieve their desired look and feel as our proven ACCELERATED DELIVERY MODEL ensures office transition projects are on budget and on time.

Due to our nationwide presence across five locations, we have earned the best discounting in each of our markets on our top strategically aligned brands. This allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. 

Our approach to Day 2 services extend far beyond a day, a week, or a year. Our follow up services are ongoing and forever.  We simplify our Forever Service into three categories – Product, Labor, and Brains – and have defined processes to accomplish the needs in each area.

Our projects team consisting of Furniture Specialists, Designers and Project Managers maintain deep product knowledge and a teamwork landscape allowing for a more consultative and customized approach.

Rightsize, OFC and MAC are a group that all produce unique products and services, and when combined significantly help cost, quantity and inventory. 

Utilize our BLENDED SOLUTION for furniture of various grades, finishes, availability, and price points to meet functionality, aesthetics, lead times, and budgets.

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